Gunsmithing – 1911 Pistols


Reliability Package

Pistol tuned for total reliability (1911 style pistols only), includes throat barrel, polish feed ramp, tune extractor, polish breech face, lower ejection port & test fire (metal finishing not included)

Pistol Sight Installation

(Other sights and sight packages available. Contact us for details.)

Pistol Slides

(Parts & finishing not included)


(parts and finishing not included)

Barrels, Bushings, Guide Rods

(parts & finishing not included)

Pistol Frames

(parts & finishing not included)

Hammers & Triggers

(parts & finishing not included)

Trigger Tuning

(requires purchase of ammunition, which will be charged with shipping)

Other Pistol Work

Chemical Stripping

Guns / parts previously anodized or plated with nickel, hard chrome, NP3, etc. require chemical stripping prior to plating.

Abrasive Blasing

(sand and glass bead blasting)

Engraving – Robar Logo

Special Notes or Instructions

If you have any specific information or instructions you would like to provide Robar, please tell us.