Top Shot is a popular show with shooting enthusiasts. Here’s the All Star competition described:

In Top Shot All-Stars, elite sharpshooters from previous seasons face off in the most explosive season yet. This time, though, it’s all about skill. There are no teams and no nomination range.  Politics and alliances are things of the past. Competitors will also face a brand new high-stakes challenge: “The Proving Ground.”


Ranging from 24 to 53 years old, these shooters come from all walks of life: a federal police officer who served with the Air Force in Operation Iraqi Freedom; the first female member of the Venezuelan Olympic Shooting Team; a video producer who taught himself to build and shoot weapons; a Homeland Security agent; a construction worker who holds 26 state titles; a plumber who graduated at the top of his class at the Marine Corps Sniping School; and the NRA’s 11-time pistol champ.

One contestant, Top Shot All Star Finalist William Bethards, came to our attention.

As written about William at Top Shot:

A former Marine and ex-Virginia state trooper with national and state three-gun championships under his belt, William now serves as a firearms instructor for the FBI.


This sharpshooter also works as a real estate agent, is a deacon in his church and rebuilds classic Corvettes on the side. William spent 11 years on the Marine Corps Shooting Team, which he also coached.


In 1994 he won the coveted Gold Lauchheimer Trophy, awarded each year to the top rifle and pistol shooter in the entire corps. He is currently the FBI shooting team national record holder in three-gun. In what little spare time he has left, William shoots Olympic-style compound bows.


In Season 4, the Henry Rifle sealed his fate in the “Not Just the Bull’s Eye” challenge. After finishing Top Shot, William competed in the 2012 Camp Perry National Pistol Championship, where his team finished third.

But what caught our eye is the beautiful ROBAR NP3 finish on his pistol. That is one fine looking P 229 .357 Sig. And as the friend who shared this photo with us pointed out, “Note the tracer like path of propellant.”

Top Shot All Star Finalist William Bethards

William Bethards is a fine representative of the people of integrity and character who comprise the shooting community.

Well done, William…ROBAR is proud to have customized your P 229.


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