Every week more and more comments are emailed or messaged via our Facebook page, customers thanking us for their spiffed-up firearms. We often will post these comments, especially if you share a picture with us.

Here’s the latest customer feedback from Rick Martin, showing off his great-looking Glock 20 that, along with him and his wife, survived a serious motorcycle accident.

In Rick’s own words:

Dear Robar Guns,


I just wanted to write to let you know how pleased I am with your product. About 4 years ago sent my Glock 20 to you to have it fully finished in NP3+ as well as forward cocking serrations. I use it for my everyday carry.


Last October my wife and I were in a bad motorcycle wreck when a drunk driver hit us. My weapon flew from the holster. After several months in the hospital I was delighted to find out the state police found it and had secured my pistol for me to retrieve upon my return home.


Much to my surprise, there was not a scratch on it! It’s hard to believe that it survived such a crash (I almost didn’t) and remained flawless. Your product is second to none!

R Martin Glock

Wow! We at ROBAR are so happy that Rick and his wife survived such a crash. And we are pleased that his Glock was returned unscathed. That is a win-win!

Thanks again Rick for your very kind words and be safe out there!

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