ROBAR welcomes May with a special to enhance and improve your firearms!

As the improving weather means more range time, don’t waste a minute in taking advantage of our May special. For the entire month of May ROBAR is offering a 10% discount on all complete metal finishes of rifles, shotguns, and pistols – to include Norton Specials.

Consider our NP3® and NP3® PLUS:

ROBAR’s proprietary NP3® and NP3® PLUS permit firing for longer periods of time between cleaning, dirt and powder residue have no wet or oily surface to cling to. When cleaning is required, the effort needed is minimal – usually requiring only a soft cloth. Both NP3® and NP3® PLUS are very corrosion resistant. It provides a high lubricity and low friction coefficient, greatly increasing the life expectancy of a firearm due to reduced friction wear.


However, NP3® PLUS offers far more corrosion resistance for marine and other hostile environments. Firearms and other equipment gain up to five times as much corrosion resistance over standard NP3® and up to ten times more than regular electroless nickel!


NP3® PLUS is an excellent choice for protecting all firearms deployed in wet environments.


NP3 attributes:

  • Increases reliability
  • It requires little to no oil for lubrication, although we recommend using some oil during break in.
  • Very accurate and even coatings on all activated surfaces.
  • Cleaning is minimal
  • Permits firing for longer periods of time between cleaning, as dirt and powder residue has no wet or oily surface to cling to.
  • NP3 has a micro hardness of 48-51 Rockwell as plated (nickel matrix).
  • NP3® is very corrosion resistant, a 1 mil (.001) coating exceeding a 250 hour salt spray test.
  • NP3® has a high lubricity and low friction co-efficient; therefore, the life expectancy of a firearm will be greatly increased due to reduced friction wear.
  • The coating is strippable with no effect on the base metal, allowing other coatings to be applied or a new coating of NP3® to be applied, if necessary.
  • NP3® plated onto stainless steel guns will prevent galling, a problem common with stainless steel.
  • NP3® is a satin gray, non-reflective color ideal for all firearms.
  • NP3® can be plated to all internal parts giving a smoothness to the action not found with any other coating.
  • In cases where the NP3® has been perforated, the corrosion shows no tendency to spread or migrate under the coating.
  • NP3® is guaranteed against corrosion, peeling or flaking for the lifetime of the firearm.

Other metal finishes such as Blackened Stainless are also available to achieve your perfect custom finish.

Don’t delay…take advantage of this opportunity to customize and renew your pistol, rifle or shotgun.

Semper Vinco!

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