ROBAR welcomes fall and the Month of September with a terrific special!

September means hunting and cooler days at the range and it also means we stand ready to perfect your firearms.

To celebrate, ROBAR is offering a 10% Discount on all complete ROBAR proprietary metal finishes (NP3 Plus, NP3, Roguard, and PolyT2) of rifles, shotguns, and pistols – to include Norton Specials. Plus, 10% off gunsmithing labor sent to us during the month of September.

You want your rifle running smoothly and element resistant? Let us NP3 or NP3+ the internals!

Consider the NP3 attributes:

However, NP3® PLUS offers far more corrosion resistance for marine and other hostile environments. Firearms and other equipment gain up to five times as much corrosion resistance over standard NP3® and up to ten times more than regular electroless nickel!

NP3® PLUS is an excellent choice for protecting all firearms deployed in wet environments.

This includes shipboard operations and environments where there is frequent exposure to rain, salt spray and high humidity. NP3® PLUS works great with our Roguard and Poly-T2 finishes for a two-tone look, and carries a lifetime warranty.



EXTREMELY CORROSION RESISTANT: A 1mil (.001) thick coating of can withstand a salt spray corrosion test of 1000+ hours per ASTM B-117

SELF-LUBRICATING: PTFE is deposited throughout the coating so for most firearms no additional lubrication is needed after initial break-in.

ACCURATE PLATING THICKNESS: Coating thickness can be predetermined for nominal tolerance to suit your weapon system.

VERY ABRASION RESISTANT: NP3® Plus is a very hard, abrasion-resistant coating with an as-plated hardness of Rc 35-50. In certain applications it can be heat treated to Rc 68-70

EASY TO CLEAN: NP3® Plus is easy to clean; in most cases wiping with a rag will suffice (We do NOT plate the inside of barrels; these need to be cleaned conventionally).

LONGER FIRING PERIODS: NP3® Plus allows for longer firing cycles as the dry, self-lubricating PTFE-rich surface makes it harder for powder residue and debris to adhere to surfaces

PLATES TO MOST GUN ALLOYS: NP3® Plus can be plated to almost all alloys used in the firearms industry. This includes steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

SERVICE LIFE IS EXTENDED: NP3® Plus has a high lubricity and low coefficient of friction; therefore, the life expectancy of a firearm will be greatly increased due to less frictional wear.

NO CORROSION MIGRATION: In cases where the coating is damaged and perforated, the corrosion shows no tendency to spread or migrate under the coating.

EASY TO REPLATE: NP3® Plus is chemically strippable and can be re-plated without any damage to the substrate. Weapons subject to heavy use can be refurbished to as-new condition.

SAVES MONEY: Taking all the attributes of into account, it is easy to see that service life, hours in service, low maintenance and ease of cleaning combine to make this a money saving addition to any firearm.


Don’t waste another day — contact ROBAR and make your September THE best month of the year with our special!


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