ROBAR NP3 Mil-Spec BCG reviews some terrific modifications, and Robar NP3 BCG made the list! Check it out!

It’s about that time of year now when you spent all of your money on other peoples’ presents…

…but you might get some money for Christmas and spending your new money on cool things is very much preferable to paying off the credit card charges you made for the presents you bought on Black Friday.

So in honor of procrastinating paying off your credit card and AR-ing like there’s no tomorrow, here is a list of things your rifle might need that don’t cost too much but add some great functionality (in no particular order):

1. Slick BCG

There’s no doubt in my mind after using an NP3’d BCG for about a year now that it is worth every penny and then some. It will let your gun run smoother, dirtier, and longer, even without cleaning it regularly.

It’s a fantastic mod that can be had from Robar for a little over $100, and I can’t recommend it enough. If I had to pick one thing to do to a bone-stock AR to increase reliability, this would be it.

For more info, check Robar out:

And for more detailed thoughts on NP3’ing your BCG, check out our full review here. As we said in the writeup, it’s no surprise that Wilson Combat uses NP3 on every BCG they use in a build. It’s that good.

2. Bigger Mags or a Paint Job for the Ones You Have

Our two favorites here are the PMAG 40 and the Surefire series of higher-capacity magazines.


For the money, the PMAGs are excellent, but if you really want to hold 60 or 100 rounds (because why not, that’s why), our Surefire 60 has yet to give us a single hiccup and they are built to last through a lot of hard use as well. The Surefire 60 is also shorter than the PMAG 40, allowing a slightly more diverse array of shooting positions.

At left, the Lancer L5 AWM, which is one of the best 30-rounders you can buy, for a size comparison. 30 rounds is great, but if you’re allowed to have 60, you might as well have more rounds in your “defend the ranch” gun…

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