How robust and enduring IS the NP3 finish? Consider this!

The Ohio Highway Patrol purchased 6500 Beretta 96D pistols in the early 90s all with ROBAR NP3 metal finish on them.

The picture (above) of the Old Beretta shows a pistol that is over 20 years old and the NP3 finish, while showing some burnish marks, is in excellent condition. A customer purchased it as a police trade in and has sent it to ROBAR Guns to refinish in NP3Plus.

Bottomline is that, after two decades the NP3 finish on the OHP pistol looks almost new, even after being exposed to the elements in Ohio for numerous years of service.

We’ll add the refinish picture soon.

But the point is, NP3 is an amazing metal finish that will withstand harsh elements and use like a champ.

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