ROBAR is a custom gunsmith shop that specializes in advance firearm finishes. We can take a basic handgun, rifle, or shotgun and customize it to your specification making it a true masterpiece. Our extensive Glock work like the one above is praised by firearms instructors and writers.

shotgunsWe can take a hunting shotgun and make it into an effective defensive tool for the private citizen at home or police cruiser  on the street.



precision-rifle-featuredOur precision rifle work has been used by the Military and law enforcement SWAT teams.


ROBAR’s Finishes are second to none with amazing benefits like self lubrication, the top level of corrosion protection and lifetime warranties. These finishes include NP3, NP3 Plus, Poly-T2, and Roguard.


revolver-featuredNP3 is a self lubricating finish that will last the lifetime of the firearm. NP3 is used on aerospace parts and is the highest quality of finish available for firearms.


1911 NP3 Plus low res

NP3 Plus has the same self lubricating properties of NP3 with added corrosion protection five times that of NP3 and ten times that of nickel boron or chrome.



HK low res

Poly-T2 comes in four colors Black, Gunmetal Grey, Dark OD Green, and Tan pictured. This finish provides self lubrication, and corrosion protection. Match it with NP3 internals for an amazing combination.


better hi power pic

Roguard is an attractive black finish that comes in matte or satin. This offers a traditional look to firearms with the added wear and corrosion protection that only Roguard and Poly-T2 can offer

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