John Farnam is the owner and operator of Defense Training International. We are happy to provide the highest quality of firearms customization available for John Farnam to use. Above is a M&P pistol John Farnam sent us to have the new Unity Tactical A.T.O.M. for the M&P installed with a Trijicon RMR mounted on top and back up suppressor height sights. To complete the work, we refinished the pistol with Poly-T2 in Gunmetal Grey and NP3 internals.

John Farnam with M&P in holster


A few weeks ago John Farnam also sent us two of his XCRs to refinish. This is what he had to say about the newly coated rifles.

“I recently sent two RA/XCRs to my friends at Robar, for treatment.   One
was my XCR in 7.62×39 (30 Soviet), and the other was my XCR/M in 7.62×51
(308).  Both were returned to me last week, and I had the opportunity to  shoot
both yesterday at a local range.

john Farnam with XCR 2

My preference for field rifles is to have the exterior coated with  ”
Roguard,” which is a polymer.  Tough, and of course, immune to rust and  all other
species of chemical corrosion, Roguard can be any color.  I  generally
prefer black.” (Roguard only comes in satin or matte black but we do offer color options for Poly T-2 that is what John Farnam is referring to)

“Internal parts, including bolt, bolt-carrier, and fire-control components,John Farnam holding XCR
I like coated with “NP3,” a metallic/Teflon treatment that is also tough
and impervious, but, in addition, NP3 has an underlying self-lubricity that
unfailingly has a positive effect on the operation of the gun.  I like
metal magazines NP3’d also.  NP3 comes out a dull grey.

The combination, I call the “Rogotti Treatment,”
(Roguard-on-the-outside-NP3-on-the-inside) although you won’t find that term in  Robar’s catalog!

At the range, I was, once again, reminded of two things I’ve seen before on
Rogatti’d rifles:

(1) Cyclic rate is increased.  The rifle (due, I’m convinced, to NP3’s
inherent lubricity) cycles noticeably faster than before treatment.  And,
operation is also a good deal smoother.  Additional lubrication is less
critical than is the case with untreated rifles.

(2) Magazines.  NP3’d magazines run slick and smooth, particularly
30-round 7.62×39 magazines, which have a profound curve.  These sometimes  have
feeding issues, but, when NP3’s, they always function well.

All my XCRs ran just fine the day they were delivered to me by my good
friends at Robinson Arms, and would, I’m sure, continue to run fine for many
years hence.  And, there are surely other coatings and coating technologies
that may deserve consideration.  However, there is nothing like a Rogatti’d
rifle in the field.  I trust my life with them!


John S. Farnam”

John Farnam with XCR

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