The Robar® Precision Hunter is an all weather rifle that is absolutely unbeatable! The same techniques that have made us the leader in precision technology are used in our Precision Hunter Rifles. Take your Precision Hunter anywhere in the world and be assured of reliability and 1/2 MOA accuracy. Robar® Precision Hunter Rifles are built on a custom basis only, assuring that you get what you want! We use only match grade barrels with contours and twists to suit your favorite bullet and caliber. Muzzle brakes can be fitted to tame the recoil of big magnum calibers. All actions are fully accurized and blueprinted prior to barrel installation. All chambers are cut with the best reamers available on the market today.


The Precision Hunter is a true custom rifle, the list below represents our are standard / suggested specifications. Items can be added, deleted, modified and the rifle built to meet your exact needs!

  • Caliber: Any standard caliber.
  • Action: Remington 700-style, BDL, completely accurized, machined, ground and lapped. Includes hex head action screws.
  • Barrel: Fluted stainless steel match grade with Robar’s® exclusive contour. Match grade chamber and crown.
  • Stock: Any standard McMillan hunting style stock (others available at extra cost). Includes pillar bedding, free floated barrel channel, non-slip texture to pistol grip and forend, Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad and sling stud in butt stock. Available in black, gray, tan or green.
  • Trigger: Modified, with a recommended 2.5 lb. release.
  • Finish: Roguard or Poly-T2 on receiver and barrel. NP3 bolt and all internals.
  • Accuracy: Guaranteed 1/2 M.O.A. (*test fired at 100 yards, 3 shots with appropriate ammunition). Note: some configurations/chamberings are not included in the accuracy guaranty.
  • Weight: Approximately 8.5 pounds depending on barrel length.

Left hand hunter for web

Experience has shown that McMillan Fiberglass Stocks are unsurpassed in quality and workmanship. Every stock comes with a lifetime guarantee and is impervious to moisture and humidity problems that plague conventional wood stocks. Each rifle stock is aluminum pillar bedded and barrels free floated, ensuring your shot-to-shot consistency no matter what the weather. Robar® is also the world leader in metal finishing. We guarantee that no one can give you the quality or variety of firearm finishes that we can. Only Robar® can offer you the technical assistance and insight into the most advanced coatings on the market today. Choose the finish best suited to your application and shooting environment, or ask one of our trained technicians for advice.

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