Custom AR Platforms and Gunsmithing


The AR platform was adopted by our military in 1964. Since then it has undergone many transformations and has more options than any other system. ROBAR® is proud to be a part of the next step forward in the continuing evolution of the AR platform. The finish that is being used on many of the current versions of the AR has been around in one form or another since 1850. With state of the art NP3 plating on parts in the AR  it will last longer run smoother and stay cleaner. Specifically the Bolt Carrier Group has the most to gain with NP3 because has the most amount of movement and completes most of the functions in the rifle. Along with that NP3 outlast other finishes  while still being very corrosion resistant and NP3 Plus takes it further lasting  a month submerged in salt water without corrosion.

Read this article about our finishes on the AR rifle from On Target Magazine.

Along with upgrading the finish we can provide full gunsmithing services to your rifle. From rebarreling to reliability work we can improve the performance of your rifle. Don’t know what your rifle needs done? Contact us to discuss the best way to set up your rifle for your intended purpose. Many of us are either former military, firearms instructors, or both.

Check out this Article on American Cop about upgrading your AR HERE.

John Russo (writer for American Cop) – after shooting an AR with NP3® BCG and Roguard finish, no lubrication “I shot full auto. I wanted to see how the gun performed after being overly heated. It shot the same as it did when cold, even after over 500 rounds”


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