Roguard Firearm Finish

Absolutely THE Best Black Finish Available

Roguard is a molybdenum-disulfide based polymer finish specifically designed to provide lubricity and corrosion protection for metal components exposed to harsh environments. It is available in a satin finish or a minimally reflective matte finish that will compliment the appearance of any firearm.

Created and formulated as a protective coating for firearm applications, Roguard provides the lubrication and corrosion protection necessary to meet U.S. Military Machine Gun Dry Firing Requirements after 60 days sea water immersion or 1000 hours salt spray MIL-STD-TEST.

Shotgun before and after Roguard

(Before and After picture of a Remington 870 with Roguard externals and NP3® internals)

Roguard can be applied to the exterior of you handgun, rifle or shotgun and is perfect for achieving an attractive two-tone finish for your firearm when combined with our proprietary NP3® or NP3® Plus electroless nickel-teflon firearm finishes.

Roguard is polymer technology at its best. Twice as hard as Polymax and twice as corrosion-resistant, Roguard will take far more punishment than any other black sprayed on finish available – tested both in the laboratory and in the field. Roguard is applied in a very thin (approximately 0.0005”) and consistent coat that does not result in significant dimensional changes or have the “thick coat of paint” appearance of many black firearm finishes. We are so confident in our Roguard finish we offer a lifetime warranty.

“Roguard is extremely durable; a tough, hard finish that Bill (Wilson) unabashedly says is the best carry finish he’s ever seen” -Cameron Hopkins, Editor American Handgun Magazine

1911 two tone roguard and NP3

Great two tone look when matched with NP3®

browning Hi Power new

Here is an example of Satin Roguard frame and NP3® slide complementing a classic handgun

Satin Rogaurd and stipplingA great example of satin Roguard and stippling on the front strap of this Colt.

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