Poly-T2 Firearm Finish

Poly-T2 is a PTFE based modified epoxy coating specifically designed to provide lubricity and corrosion protection for metal components exposed to harsh environments and demanding service conditions.

This new addition to the Robar® legacy is not only the ultimate in protective finishes, it is also available in six different colors: Black, Tan, Dark Green, OD Green, Burnt Bronze, and Gunmetal Gray (*see note below regarding color).

The exceptional formulation of Poly-T2 provides the corrosion protection necessary to exceed 1000 hours salt spray exposure per ASTM-B-117.

Poly-T2 AR low res

This state-of-the-art finish also provides excellent abrasion protection and impact resistance while preventing corrosion, galling, seizing and fretting.  Poly-T2 is virtually unaffected by atmospheric and fretting corrosion, as well as exposure to solvents, acids, oils and degreasers, including all of the MIL-PRF-46010G Table 1 Test Fluids (see table for complete performance specifications). Whether your application is firearms, aerospace, defense or commercial components, Robar’s® Poly-T2 provides the maximum in lubrication, abrasion resistance, corrosion protection and chemical resistance. We are so confident in our Poly-T2 finish we offer a lifetime warranty.


grey ar

Dark Green

*Our Poly-T2 Black is not a true black. When held up to our Roguard Matte Black, our Poly-T2 Black is more of a burnished black.  Changing Poly-T2 Black to a true black will weaken the finish’s durability and that is a sacrifice in quality we are not willing to make. Below is a close representation of the colors. This will be off the actual color due to settings on monitors all being different.

od green

Glock with Poly-T2 no wearThe NP3 and Poly-T2 finishes contain Teflon which makes them both very slick. Lubricity is enhanced, making the gun more tolerant to harsh environments. While I recommend light lubrication, being able to run the gun dry or with a very light coat of lube can be valuable in some environments. Another benefit is that both finishes wear like iron. With approximately 800 holster presentations, the slide shows no external wear whatsoever.

-BOB HENCKEL writer for Modern Service Weapon

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