Custom Shotguns and Gunsmithing


The shotgun is a devastating weapon system for home protection or offensive use. The variety of ammo that can be put through a shotgun gives it versatility that no other system can offer. Many police deploy a shotgun when they need more firepower than their standard sidearm. ROBAR® is able to offer the highest quality and most effective modifications to your shotgun. ROBAR® can back bore and port your barrel to decrease the spread of shot and reduce recoil. By smoothing the action ROBAR® can increase the ability to rack the pump action fast. Add the abilities of NP3® like self lubrication and corrosion resistance and your shotgun will be an extremely capable tool.

Read what professional firearms instructor and friend of ROBAR® Lewis Awerbuck says about the shotgun HERE.

shotgun for web

kel-tec ksg low res

Here are just a few of our options for shotguns

-VangComp ghost ring sight with picattiny rail

– Cut and crown barrel @ 18 1/2″

– Back bore barrel

– Lengthen forcing cone

– Smooth action

– Install large safety button

– Smoothing of trigger action

– Custom magazine tube extension with magazine tube clamp and sling stud

– Install high-visibility magazine follower

– Install Pachmayr decelerator recoil pad at 1″ shorter than factory L.O.P. (wood stock only)

– Round recoil pad

– ROBAR® “non-slip” texture to pistol grip and forend

– Supply and fit side saddle shell holder

– Install sling swivel stud to buttstock

– Cut and crown barrel (upon request)




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