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Please Read First!

As it has become increasingly problematic, we respectfully request that if you would like confirmation that your firearm or parts have arrived at Robar, that you refer to the tracking information provided by your shipping service provider. Additionally, please note that our gunsmiths and sales staff are busy insuring proper workflow and completion of orders. If you have questions regarding the status of your project, please hold them until AFTER the ESTIMATED completion date provided. If you have not received an order confirmation with an estimated completion date and it has been more than 3 weeks since your firearm arrived at Robar, please email our sales staff at Also, please note, no adjustments to an order will be made after the 7 day period following your order confirmation being sent out.

If you have questions regarding our services, please email We greatly value our customers’ projects and our gunsmiths time. Repeated phone calls distract our gunsmiths from providing you with the best possible service and slow down processing times on incoming orders. We appreciate your compliance with these new policies. Please note MOST questions can be easily answered by looking through our FAQ HERE.

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Order Form

Be Sure To:

  1. Print and complete the order form.
  2. List any specific information regarding finishes or work to be done (i.e. Roguard: Matte or Satin).
  3. You may also add any questions you have on the form. We will answer them upon receipt.
  4. Place the order form in your package to be shipped.
  5. Follow shipping instructions.

For all firearm customization’s, please ship your firearms to:

The Robar Companies, Inc.®

21438 N. 7th Ave, Suite B
Phoenix, AZ. 85027
Questions? Contact Us:
Phone: (623) 581-2648
Fax: (623) 582-0059


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