John S Farnam FSM4 Gen III Signature Carbine


It was John Farnham’s idea of the consummate rifle intended for serious purposes.

The popular FSM4 Gen III Signature Carbine was first introduced five years ago, have been much enjoyed and appreciated by fellow Operators.

The FSM4 is a military-grade AR, equipped with an Aimpoint RDO on a quick-release mount which is co-witnessed with foldable BUIS, a co-axial tactical flashlight, LAW Folding Stock, BFG Vickers Sling, KTC stealth brake vortex-style flash-hider, and Victory Trigger (or Geissele, et al).

All internals are plated in NP3, externals are Armorlube’ed.

FS Rifles are intended for dedicated Operators who want a serious military rifle, pre-setup for serious purposes!

The FS Rifles come to you set-up, test-fired, sighted-in (40m) and ready to be immediately put into serious service!

FS Rifles are light, handy, short, slim, slick and fast!

“When you want a light, short, handy, but lethal travel-partner; when you want a low-profile ‘truck-gun;’ when you want a rifle that is well-suited to air-travel; when you want a rifle that is constantly close at hand and eminently ready and suitable to protecting you and your family, FS Rifles are the ticket!”

-John Farnam

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