Electroless Nickel Firearm Finish

Electroless nickel has become popular as a finish for firearms. Electroless nickel is economical, attractive and will give years of maintenance-free service. Robar® confidently offers electroless nickel for the following reasons:

  1. Excellent resistance to fingerprints, perspiration, petroleum distillates of all types, gun solvents, gun cleaners and all powder residue.
  2. A salt-spray corrosion resistance tolerance exceeding 100 continuous hours per ml. thick deposit.
  3. Plating rate is predictable, permitting a deposit of the exact desired thickness.
  4. All surfaces are equally plated with micro-smooth nickel. This allows a natural low friction and lubricity resulting in smoother gun operation and reliability.
  5. It rates 0.1 on the Taber Wear Index, making it tougher than hard chrome. This is significant in that electroless nickel provides a more wear resistant surface.
  6. Expansion and contraction of the metal will not result in peeling of the nickel deposit.
  7. Electroless nickel will pass a 180 degree bend test, as specified under Mil-C-26074A, without peeling.
  8. It is rated at Rockwell C53-56 in hardness before stoving (Rockwell 68-70 being possible). This means that plating of the wear surfaces alone will extend the useful life of a firearm.
  9. Adhesion for this process is reported to be 30,000 to 60,000 pounds per square inch.
  10. Electroless Nickel is durable and cost-effective, eliminating further investment into future finishing for the weapon.


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