Custom Springfield XD Pistols and Gunsmithing

                    The revolutionary Springfield XD pistol is taking the market by storm, reportedly the hottest selling handgun in the USA. Robar® takes a good design and makes it better with the addition of selected enhancements that improve the handling, trigger, finish and sights over and above the stock factory configurations.


Customization Options For Springfield 

XD, XDm, XDs, XDe, mod2


  • Complete grip texture   $125.00
  • High grip modification  $35.00
  • Fabricate beaver tail     $220.00
  • Powder River Kit           $175.00
  • Engrave Robar® Logo on the slide $50
  • Polish barrel feed ramp $35.00
  • Metal Finish Norton Special $220.00 with NP3 $270.00 with NP3 plus $290.00 with Armorlube.  


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