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Fun to shoot, easy to maintain and high reliability are among the reasons for the popularity of this pistol. The Hi-Power is also a pistol that we offer many custom options for – the resulting firearm can be anything from a working gun to a beautiful showpiece. A Robar® modified Browning is a work of art that will endure for generations. Short article by Tactical Life about ROBAR’s custom Browning Hi Power. Browning Hi Power Robar® offers a range of custom enhancements for the Browning Hi-Power including trigger tuning, fabrication of a beavertail, custom sight installations, stippling and refinishing in our premium finishes. Choose from any of the many modifications, and we will start building your ideal pistol. Browning Hi Power with Violins


Just wanted to tell you guys that the Hi-Power you built for me is amazing. It looks and feels better than I even anticipated (and I’m picky!) and it is a pleasure to shoot. Looks and feels great and functions flawlessly. Thanks again, Tom Y. better hi power pic     coco bolo grips   We found one last box of Coco Bolo Hi Power grips from when Herrett. These grips are no longer made and are incredibly hard to find. Match it with ROBAR’s attractive finishes for an classic look to your Hi Power. The Hi Power with wood grips above is a great example of how theses grips and ROBAR finishes work together beautifully. $60 only for Hi Powers that come into ROBAR.

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