By Colt Driver

I’ve recently had the privilege of doing some solid T&E with the pistol iteration of the Robar PolymAR-15, and I have to say that I’ve been pretty impressed by it.

Freddie Blish and Robar designed it from the ground up to lighten the load that law enforcement officers have to carry (literally), and regardless of which version you shoot, the first thing you notice is how well they followed through on that goal of weight reduction.

More impressive, though, is the overall balance of the weapon because of how well they thought out the remainder of the specs.

The PolymAR-15 is built around a KSP polymer upper/lower set with 7000-series aluminum reinforced pinholes. All of the small parts as well as the bolt carrier group are finished in Robar’s famous NP3, which provides both excellent corrosion resistance and a slick, teflon-infused nickel matrix that allows you to run the weapon dry without any issues whatsoever.

For the ability to do that in the rifle you already own, Robar also plates customer-supplied BCGs if you send one in. (Previous review here)

The carbine-length gas system has a pretty smooth-feeling recoil impulse (considering the length of the barrel), and the 10.5″ 1:8 twist rate of the barrel stabilizes a wide range of bullet weights.

The Bravo Company KMR9 forend is extremely light (only 3.8 ounces without hardware) because of its aluminum-magnesium alloy construction…

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