1. When and where were you born? Did you also grow up there? 
• Born in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa in 1948. Lived there ‘till 1977 when I immigrated to the US.

2. Has being a gunsmith always been your career choice? 
• No, I was a dental technician, soldier and then a firearms instructor, where I became involved with gunsmithing as part of my duties.

3. What was your first occupation? 
• Soldier. 1st South African Infantry, then Hunter Group, a COINOPS unit.

4. Who or what got you started in your current field? 
• I was Rangemaster/Instructor at Gunsite, started gunsmithing on students’ guns to keep them running during the classes. That led to a full time career in the profession.

5. Do you have any family members that are gunsmiths? 
• No, but both my parents were world class competitive shooters.

6. How long have you been a gunsmith? 
• Professionally for 23 years.

7. What was the very first gun you built or customized? 
• My Colt 45 I used in IPSC shooting back in the early 1970’s

8. Have you ever worked on or built a gun for a non-gun-related celebrity? 
• Yes, a few.

9. Other than being considered a “famous gunsmith,” do you have any specific credits to your name?
• The introduction of NP3 and Roguard metal finishes to the firearm and aero-space industries.

10. If you have to pick one gun to have and shoot for the rest of your life, what would it be?
• Handgun: Colt 45 LW Combat Commander. Rifle: QR2

11. Do you have a specialty on which you focus the most? 
• Metal finishes.

12. What do you enjoy the most about gunsmithing? 
• The variety of people I get to meet who share a common passion for firearms but more importantly a belief in the Constitution and our American way of life.

13. Are any of your guns used by top level competitors? 
• Yes, we have metal finished for a number of top shooters and gunsmiths.

14. Have any national or international competitions been won with one of your guns or accessories? 
• Yes, see # 13

15. Is there another gunsmith that you admire and strive to emulate? 
• A number. Each has a unique talent that shines making them the best in that specific aspect of gunsmithing.

16. Are you a shooter as well and if so, what do you enjoy shooting? 
• Shooting in general, just don’t have the time anymore to shoot competitively.

17. Do you have any hobbies that are not gun-related? 
• Photography and building custom furniture.

18. What new innovations are you developing? 
• Working on a new finish to compete with Hard Chrome.

19. What are the main lessons you’ve learned in life? 
• Always strive for perfection in all you do. Be a good person and surround yourself with good people.

20. In your opinion, where is the future of firearms development heading? 
• Good question! Obviously electronics are the vogue right now however fundamental firearm systems have not really changed in many years. All the new “stuff” is really a rehash or upgrade of something already in existence. Electronic fired case-less ammo died a quick death and frankly in what’s left of my lifetime I doubt we’ll see anything earth shattering. Probably the biggest innovation in the last 100 years was the Glock “Plastic Pistol.”

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