I was asked to be on NRA TV News’ Cam & Company on Monday to talk about my ROBAR Blog article, “Why You Should Want Gun Owners / Shooters as Neighbors.”

Cam Edwards is a total pro in the broadcast world — especially in the context of the Second Amendment and the U.S. Constitution — a led the conversation. As usual, it was great fun talking to Cam.

Working with and for ROBAR has been a dream and allowed me to write more about firearms, the Second Amendment, the military…things I’m passionate about.

I know it’s a bit unusual to have a gal writing about these topics, but women are becoming more prevalent in the world of shooting.

I definitely know my limits, and defer to ROBAR GM Freddie Blish and ROBAR Owner Robbie Barrkman for the technical details. But I have a solid foundation, and love to learn.

Here’s to all the patriots in America who are gun owners, who support the Second Amendment, who have read this article: I hope I represented you well!

Semper Vinco!

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