On November 11, 2014, I was honored to host six warriors, six men who represent the very best of the world’s greatest military.

Try as he might to diminish our Armed Forces and Department of Defense, even Obama cannot detract from the brave who fight, both down range and in country, to protect Americans and our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

I am further honored to count these six men as friends. While I may not be a celebrity, to be friends with men such as these whose net worth in courage and character far surpasses any fan-page touted glitterati is more valuable than wealth or fame.

Little did I know when hosting the show that less than 2 years later we would lose Pat Rogers. As suddenly as he became my friend (messaging one day on Facebook “I was not sure who you are, but Freddie says you are GTG. Howdy!”), he was gone. Just like that. With one phone call my heart began to hurt.

Pat had told me how very lucky he was to finally find rock solid love with his sweet wife, Ellen. She’ll be in my daily prayers.

I am now happier than ever that I had Pat on this Veterans Day Special: though the segments are short, Pat’s love of country, service, and those he served with is so apparent.

So listen and enjoy and remember Pat Rogers.


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