Pleasing our customers, earning their loyalty, is Robar’s aim. We strive for excellence, and to under promise, over deliver.

We recently received this correspondence from another happy customer — he loves his “Robar-ized” Glock™ 19 and even mentioned the Robar smith who did the work, Henry, by name!

I recently received my Glock 19 back from your company. Pleased with Henry’s work is an understatement! I received it on a Thursday, on Thursday of the following week I used it for a two day Pat McNamara course in Lincoln, Illinois. Pistol fits my hand now, looks great, and of course (it is a Glock) it ran perfectly.


I have never been a Glock person, however, shooting some of your products at this year’s SHOT show range day changed my opinion. When I won a Glock 19 at an IDPA match, I knew what I had to do.


Thanks again (and please pass to Henry) for the great work,



Thanks, Lance, for taking the time to send your terrific feedback and for giving Robar a chance to win your trust.

Any of you reading this just might have a Glock™ or other pistol that needs a little something something — give us a call and learn what we can do to make your blaster the best it can be.

And don’t forget to look us up at SHOT Show and attend the SHOT Show Range Day: once you fire a Robar custom or customized pistol or rifle, you just might be dissatisfied with any other!

Semper Vinco

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