Once again a customer writes with good, good news: Mr. Smith’s ROBAR-restored firearm met, and perhaps exceeded his expectations.

He writes at Pistol-Forum.com:

Risen from the Dead: S&W 19-4 Combat Magnum 2.5″


I just got this back from Robar and put my initial 50 rounds through it. The inspiration for this project was that I purchased a retired service revolver from my agency, a S&W 19-5 2.5″. I absolutely fell in love with it and rediscovered why it was such a mistake for me to let go of my last revolver, a 4″ 19-4. I really had a hankering for a 2.5-3″ Model 19 roundbutt, but I should’ve just kept the 4″ 19.


Anyways, I figured I can’t shoot my ex-department gun a whole lot because (in my eyes) it’s a historical piece in near perfect shape and there’s only a few hundred out there….and I have a lot of 38 to put through a gun, and can get more from work; so that’s a perfect justification to buy another shooter-grade Combat Magnum.



I picked this up from a cop shop in Long Island last year. I’m pretty sure it was left on some cop’s boat in Montauk for 20 years. I figured I could get a gunsmith special and build it out to my preferences, instead of shooting up/demolishing a good condition 2.5″ Combat Magnum.


At the same time, I’d be rescuing from the dead a gunsmith special. Given 2.5″ Combat Magnums are becoming more and more expensive, this seemed like a good idea. This model was a high-polish nickel finish, completely corroded.


I sent it off to Robar for CPR and cardioversion. They had to replace a lot of the lockwork and get it back in timing, as well as hours of bead blasting.


I wanted a brand new sight setup, so I had them lop off the original sight ramp and install Bowen Rough-Country DX sights (at the recommendation of P-F.com hive) with a red fiber optic insert.


The pitting was deep enough that they weren’t sure if they could properly apply NP3 without defects, so we settled on matte black Roguard as a backup.


It turns out they could apply the NP3 in the end, so we went with that. You can see all the imperfections from surface damage, but I wanted NP3 regardless because 1) I wanted a matte/satin stainless/HC/gunmetal gray sort of finish for aesthetics, and 2) I wanted something that would give this gun the best chance at living out its life as a range beater.


The wife demands I put wooden grips on it. Easiest excuse to drop money on Karl Nills that I’ve ever heard, so I’ll put that order in tonight. Otherwise, I present to you:



Suffice it to say, Mister Smith made our day: ROBAR meticulously restores and renews the firearms entrusted to us and our hope is to exceed what you have imagined for your weapon.

This story is another win-win…Mr. Smith has a beaut of a revolver and ROBAR’s work and reputation is justified!


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