ROBAR® receives feedback weekly from customers, and we greatly encourage just that. Most folks have a gun or two re-finished, restored or customized.

And then there is one very special customer on the Eastern seaboard who had almost two dozen firearms refinished.

That right there is a whole other level of trust and endorsement. Mr. M. wrote to tell us how his weapons are “holding up.”

Oh. And he may be sending more!

Mr. M. writes:

Hello good friends!

I just wanted to give you a shout. It has been several years now since you processed many
of my weapons (I think almost 20.) Wanted to get back to you to let you know how they
are holding up.


I am…retired now but belong to a handicap accessible range run by the __ County Police. When I was slaving away I would only get to the range a couple times a month. Now I am there several days a week.


The weapons have been getting a workout. All are holding up just fine. They have all had the NP3 interiors.Need minimal lubrication. I have run many of them dry. The Poly coats also holding up well. No chipping and of course, no rust. Just show some wear where metal rubs metal.


Please feel free to use me anytime if you need a recommendation.  If any of you are going to be in the area, please let me know. 


Thanks again for all you did for me!

Now check out the photos he was good enough to send of a few of his guns:


Mr. M. also added:

Check out the Beretta Centurion. It was totally beat with bluing just about gone and much rust. Robar resurrected it to like new condition. I wish I had a before picture to send.


Beretta Centurion


Check it out we did and everyone at ROBAR® is beyond pleased that our work has stood the test of time and fully justified our motto, Semper Vinco.

For 35 years we have worked hard to exceed expectations and create the closest thing to firearm perfection we can.

Thanks for the feedback Mister M. — we truly appreciate it and stand ready to work on any other pistols/rifles you send our way!


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