Due to the numerous anti 2nd Amendment laws passed or pending within the United States, the ROBAR Companies has been forced to update our policy regarding the products and services that we provide to State and Local law enforcement agencies.

Effective today, to ensure that no legal mistakes are made by the ROBAR Companies and its employees, we will  apply all current State and Local Laws as they apply to civilians to State and Local law enforcement agancies with regards to all ROBAR Companies products and services.

We stand firmly in support of the Constitution of the United States, especially the Bill of Rights affirming the rights given to us by our Creator. In doing so we recognize some State and Local officials have passed laws and regulations that have violated the rights of citizens, specifically regarding the 2nd Amendment – “The Liberty Teeth” of our Constitution, while exempting themselves. This creates an imbalance of power between citizens and their government, while creating confusion between what products and services are lawful and unlawful, as well as what products and services can be legally performed for each resident of a given state or locale.

The ROBAR Companies realizes our new policy may have an impact on our revenue, but has decided that a loss in revenue is less dangerous than the potential lawsuits or legal action resulting from erroneous shipments and services created by something as simple as human error.

Robbie Barrkman

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