Matthew J.* writes:

When the GM of Robar Guns [Freddie Blish LtCol USMC (Ret)] tells me “Trust me with your Hi-Power” I listened.

I had a new Bar Sto barrel cut to an 11° crown, fitted and the throat polished. The slide and receiver done in matte Roguard and the internal and external controls in NP3.

A final touch, Freddie had the Victory First badge engraved in the slide.

The complete gun was a re-work of a Herstal Hi-Power that was in need…. now it is a fistful of badass with the VZ Grips, Custom 1911 Gun Grips, Colt Grips, SIG Grips, Gun Accessories. Need to check on custom logo on grips, that will top it off.

… all the ancillary stuff in the box upon return.2 books, a pocket Constitution, Armed citizen information, the Robar information, a patch and a soft sided padded case.

Robar Guns has earned my respect and future business.

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