The foundation of every enterprise, every business, is built of loyal, skilled people, and ROBAR is no different. This “Meet the ROBAR Team” series strives to give all of you a ground’s eye view of the inner workings of ROBAR and why our smithing is top shelf.

I began the series shining the spotlight on President/Owner USMC LtCol (Ret) Freddie Blish. Next up in the series was Leap “Henry” Heng — a proud naturalized U.S. citizen and terrific gunsmith, followed by gunsmith and pastor, Jesse Bollinger.

Next in the lineup is gunsmith Dick Dejong. Dejong, another immigrant who, like Henry, did it the right (legal) way and became a naturalized citizen, recounts:

I was born in Amsterdam Netherlands immigrated to Canada in 1954. Learned to speak English and attended local school. Worked my families Hotel/restaurant for 35 years.


I did gun sales and Gunsmithing as a side job. Elected security for reform party of Canada from 1992-1998.


Attended Gunsite classes as a student and instructor 1979-1985.


Immigrated to the USA in 1998 and worked as a hotel general manager for 10 years also worked as an instructor for AZ concealment carry program.


I was hired by Robbie Barkman 11 years ago. I have been a US citizen scene 2011.

ROBAR gunsmith and naturalized citizen Dick Dejong

Dick took some time to answer our questions:

How long have you worked at Robar?

Dick: 11 years

What do you like most about working at Robar?

Dick: Being part of the Robar family. Great people.

Where did you go to school for Gunsmithing?

Dick: Working with a local Gunsmith. Working with local Legendary Pistol Smith Austin Behlery – Glock Armorer – POF Armorer – Cylinder and slide 1911 course.

What got you into firearms?

Dick: Lifelong interest. Licensed dealer and gunsmith. Gunsite student and Proust instructor.

What is your favorite firearm and why?

Dick: Government model 1911 flat easy to carry concealable, powerful, and reliable.

What is your favorite firearm finish and why?

Dick: Np3/Armorlube combo. Self-lubricating and extremely wear resistant.

What firearm related hobbies do you have?

Dick: Casual Range sessions, teaching firearm safety and shooting techniques.

Dejong plying his superb smithing skills

By now I suspect you’re noting a trend?

ROBAR employs the best of the best, people of great skills and integrity.

Dick Dejong, like Leap Heng (and like ROBAR founder, Robbie Barrkman) wanted to come to America, to be an American and immigrated lawfully!

To say ROBAR is proud of our employees is pure understatement. We understand what it means for folks to trust us with their firearms, and each and every smith possesses the skill, knowledge, and experience to transform your pistol, rifle, or shotgun into your dream weapon.

Dick Dejong, Dutch immigrant and U.S. citizen, is one more reason why shooters, LE, and military around the nation and the world trust us with their guns.

And we don’t take that trust lightly!

Thank-you Dick for being an integral part of the team that assures our customers and their firearm will always win!


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