Our friend, Colt, has written a fine SHOT Show Recap 2015 at HANDGUN PLANET.

And true to form, he was kind enough to include a section about our new ROBAR PolymAR-15.

Colt writes:

A lot of companies have tried to put out polymer lowers and I’ve not been impressed by them in the past, to be honest.

But I think Robar has gotten it right on this one. With over 50,000 rounds through one of the test guns, it would be hard to say they got it wrong.

The PolymAR-15 carbine weighs in at less than six pounds, with the newly-unveiled pistol variant coming in even lighter.


The receivers are reinforced with 7075 aluminum in critical areas to prevent any breakages, and the BCG, trigger, and small parts are finished in Robar’s legendary NP3 coating…

Read full referral and the full SHOT recap article at  HANDGUN PLANET

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