By David Kenik

Wandering the isles of the SHOT Show, I came across Robar’s booth.

They displayed various offerings including custom rifle and shotgun builds, examples of their gunsmithing prowess, grip reductions and various firearm finishes.

What caught my eye though, was a silvered snubby. Not looking like stainless steel, it’s unique coloring set it apart.

Robar_np3_plating_F-300x200Picking it up, a company representative encouraged me to pull the trigger. My effort was rewarded with an extremely smooth pull. I asked about the trigger job that was obviously done, but his reply surprised me.

I was told that the revolver did not have a trigger job, it was in fact, a factory trigger.

The difference was that the revolver was completely NP3 plated—inside and out. Naturally, I pulled the trigger a few more times, not to be any less impressed. I had known about the NP3 process for plating components, but up until that point I had not heard of using it for finishing a complete firearm.

Robert Barrkman, Robar’s owner, started out as an instructor for Gunsite Academy. While still an instructor, Robert formed Robar to offer gunsmithing services to students to keep their guns running in class.

Robar became a full-time enterprise as a gunsmithing shop in 1986.  Shortly thereafter, Barrkman bought the exclusive license to offer NP3 plating…

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