By Joe

If you have more than a couple rounds down the barrel of the AR15 platform, you should know the system works but isn’t necessarily the cleanest.

For anyone who actually shoots their gun instead of keeping it clean and pretty, the cleaning of the bolt carrier group in particular is always a fan favorite.

Your choices are to soak it in solvent of some type of spend a good amount of time with a scraper of some type trying to break through the layer of fossilized carbon built up around the gas rings on the bolt.

This is where aftermarket finishes and treatments have come into play in recent years in an effort to battle the carbon buildup. I have never been a fan of the flashy silver bolt carriers shining through the ejection port of a AR.

I made a habit of writing them off as flash…my ARs had always run just fine without them.


The bolt after thousands upon thousands of rounds of both live and blank

A friend had a 1911 coated in NP3 done by Robar guns and after hearing him rave about it more then once, I had to see what the fuss was about.

Robar is not a new kid on the block and has been building custom guns and developing new surface treatments for years. I have known Freddie Blish, the general manager of Robar for a few years now.

I contacted Freddie to get more information on the process involved and what NP3 really was…

Read full review at MSW – Modern Service Weapons 

*Order NP3 Bolt Carrier Groups from ROBAR

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