Bill Laughridge is a good friend of Robbie Barrkman, both men patriots and gunsmiths.

As I wrote when Bill visited in February:

Barrkman, a legal immigrant from South Africa (SADF Company Sergeant Major Ret), loves his adopted country and her Constitution with a fervor.


Bill Laughridge (1stSgt USAR Ret), owner of Cylinder & Slide, is a patriot of the same caliber.


Robbie and Bill are top-tier gunsmiths, and good friends, and had lunch together recently.


Bill Laughridge began as a gunsmith doing general repair at a small sporting goods store in Fremont, Nebraska in 1974. He purchased the gun smith business that he had helped build up in November 1978 and incorporated Cylinder & Slide Inc. at that time.


He continued to do general repair for several more years until he built up the pistolsmithing business. Bill’s break came when a one-page article on his shop was published by the American Handgunner.


IPSC shooting was just starting to gain popularity and good pistolsmiths were not plentiful at that time. His backlog for building pistols quickly passed 1 year.


He has continued to build Cylinder & Slide through the years and they now customize mostly concealed carry pistols and revolvers. Cylinder & Slide sells its own line of custom 1911 pistols and premium fire control parts for the 1911 and Browning Hi Power.

Obviously Laughridge and Barrkman were cooking up something during that February — 2 entrepreneurs and great gunsmiths are unlikely to suffer a shortage of novel ideas.

And this one is a doozy.

Bill is spending the week with ROBAR’s gunsmiths and building two very limited edition RC-1911 TSP “The Serious Pistol” serial numbers RCCS001 and RCCS002.

These 1911’s will be available for purchase for $3295, with $200 going to the Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation.

Take a look at the info and features:



RC-1911 TSP .45 ACP – Limited Edition ROBAR and Cylinder & Slide “The Serious Pistol.”

5″ Series 70 Government Model Pistol – $3295.

As specified by Jeff Cooper in Guns & Ammo November 1987.

Serial Numbers RCCS001 and RCCS002.

$200 from the sale goes to Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation.

Customers that purchase these can choose these available finishes – NP3 Plus, NP3, Roguard, PolyT2 or combination thereof.



Frame – CNC from Heat Treated 4140 Forgings

  • Hi-Grip Cut
  • Front Strap – ROBAR Stippling w/Border
  • Memory Groove Grip Safety
  • Gunsite Low Mount Thumb Safety
  • MSH Flat ROBAR Stippling
  • Ed Brown Plunger Tube
  • C&S Forged Slide Stop
  • Ed Brown Extended Ejector
  • Greider/Videcki Trigger (Short LOP)
  • C&S Tactical Match Kit – Spur Hammer
  • C&S Tactical Match Hammer Strut
  • C&S Pin Kit
  • Wilson Combat Spring Kit
  • Ed Brown Extended Magazine Catch Assembly
  • C&S Mag Catch
  • C&S Grip Screw Bushings
  • C&S Grip Screws
  • VZ Grips – Double Diamond Rosewood

Slide – CNC from Heat Treated 4140 Forgings

  • Novak Cut Front & Rear Sight Notches
  • Front & Rear Cocking Serrations
  • Match Fitted Barrel – .45 ACP, 416R Stainless Steel, Match
  • Rifled 1:16″ LH Twist, Double Stress Relieved
  • Match Fitted Bushing
  • Wilson Combat Barrel Link
  • Ed Brown Recoil Guide
  • Ed Brown Recoil Plug
  • Wilson Combat Bullet Proof Extractor
  • C&S Firing Pin (9mm/.38S)
  • C&S Firing Pin Stop
  • 10-8 National Match Rear Sight
  • 10-8 Performance Brass Bead Front Sight
  • Magazines (X 2) – Wilson Rogers ETM 8 Rnd

Suffice it to say, with Bill Laughridge instructing and collaborating with the terrific ROBAR smiths, these two 1911s will be of that rarest of qualities embodied by Jeff Cooper himself.

As noted in the February article:

ROBAR Guns, dedicated to the best of the best for your firearms, is made even better with the knowledge imparted by our great friend, legendary gunsmith, Bill Laughridge.

Whoever purchases these pistols will be the owner of very rare collector’s items worth displaying proudly.

Those interested can call ROBAR: 623.581.2648

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