Rick is one of many customers who write to say thanks, but each story, each firearm, has a history that is meaningful to its owner.

We never tire of hearing these great stories, knowing ROBAR has met and surpassed expectations.

Rick writes:

Back in the 70s, I bought this Remington 870 from my best friend throughout school. I loved it and shot it often.


In the 80s, an acquaintance borrowed it and left it out by the campfire for the weekend. Of course, it rained, leaving the gun with a lovely rust sheen. With tremendous effort, I resisted the temptation to shoot him with it.


Fast forwarding to the 90s, I found out my high school friend had died of MD. The gun became even more dear to me.


Recently, I found your website and liked your products, so I packed it up and sent it off.


I just wanted to let you and your other customers know that I am extremely pleased with the quality of your work and the look of the gun. The NP3 really “pops” and covers the imperfections beautifully.


Thanks for your hard work!

Thank-you for trusting us with your rifle, Rick. We hope you have years and years of memories and shooting with this beautiful Remington that means so much to you.

Semper Vinco

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