ROBAR takes great care with your firearms, always striving for nothing less than excellence. Our smiths work hard to ensure your pistol, rifle, or shotgun with ROBAR customization exceeds your expectations.

When we get good feedback, which happens weekly, we smile and carry on, assured that our painstaking efforts have measured up.

One such customer, by now a friend of ROBAR, took the time to critique his ROBAR customized RUGER® LC9®.

Tom writes:

Received subject gun back early and had a chance to shoot it last Friday. What a fine shooter.


For whatever reason, maybe the NP3 Plus finish, the gun appears to shoot ‘softer’ than before. At 7 yards, accuracy is still outstanding (below 2” / five rounds).


Also, the weapon is much easier to clean than before, especially the breach face.


This is my third ROBAR finished gun, and I am as pleased as with the first one (Colt LWC, in the late 1980’s).


I much appreciate your prompt service and great product. Not all that common anymore in today’s business world.


Tom M.

Tom, we truly appreciate your repeat business — it signifies trust in and esteem of ROBAR, our gunsmiths, our finishes and customization work.

Per usual, we consider this a win-win: Tom is happy with his RUGER® LC9®, thus ROBAR is happy.

And in keeping with the recently celebrated Thanksgiving holiday — we are thankful for the effort made to report these good words.

Semper Vinco

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