Testimonials mean the world to all of us at ROBAR: we strive to exceed every customers expectations as we customize and enhance your firearms.

Russ is one such customer whose gun story is worth its weight in gold — or perhaps that should be worth its weight in electroless nickel?

Read Russ’ own words and you’ll get the picture. Yes, his email made our day.



I thought maybe you folks would be interested in an update on two pistols I sent there years ago – one is a Sig Sauer P226 and the other is a Colt 1911A1.


The Sig was my duty handgun with AZ DPS – it went to Robar for the NP3 on the slide, barrel and internal parts around 1998 – it’s had a hard life since.


The Colt is a used pistol I picked up in 2002 and had a well worn blue finish that needed some help. I sent it to Robar in about 2003 and had the entire pistol done.


It’s now 2018 and both pistols still look the way they did when I got them back from Robar – fantastic! The NP3 finishes are 20 and 15 years old and get used a lot, no safe queens here. The NP3 also greatly improved the actions in both pistols. I couldn’t be happier! I still can’t believe there’s been no visible wear – NP3 is amazing.


I’ve since sent many people to Robar and will be bringing some more handguns in soon (once they see my pistols that convinces them). I’m grateful for the great work and looking forward to some more!


Feel free to use the photos and comments if you like. They’re not professional but they show what’s important.


Russ H.

Thank-you Russ, for those very appreciated words of praise!

ROBAR takes great pride in the work our smiths and others do, and Robar’s® NP3® finish is renowned for a reason.

Once again a happy customer is a win-win for us!

Semper vinco

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