Danny G was introduced to ROBAR in 2015 as an enrollee in our good friend Jeff Gonzales’ Trident Concepts “Concealed Carry Tactics” class.

Jeff was a decorated and respected US Navy SEAL, and his classes are top-tier, every bit as rigorous as one would expect from a tough frogman. ROBAR has worked with Jeff for years and was excited to facilitate this class in the Phoenix area.

Danny (who drove hundreds of miles to attend) did very well, and all of us in the class formed a camaraderie during the three days of hot Arizona sun, blisters, and 1000 plus rounds thrown downrange per person. He also, at one point, stripped and cleaned the Glock 19 Gen 3 (finished in ROBAR NP3) I was using (thanks to ROBAR Prez Freddie Blish).

Detective G. was amazed at how clean the weapon was after eight hours of use.

Here’s Detective Danny himself looking tactical (shared with his permission):

Whatever was the final impetus, Danny has sent a number of firearms to ROBAR for customization and will be sending more. He took the time to email us some kind words of appreciation.

We’ll let his words speak for themselves:

I haven’t reached out in a while but love what Robar has done to the four guns I sent in so far. I just got my CZ-P07 and love it!


I sent Robar an old Glock 17 (my first Glock) and a Glock 43 last week. I will probably send Robar four more guns in the next couple weeks. I just wanted to say thank you and I couldn’t be happier.


– Detective Danny G

As we say with each of these thank-you emails — happy customers make our day. We aim for excellence and are rewarded when folks who have trusted us with their prized guns have their expectations exceeded.

And by the way…there’s another Tricon Concealed Carry Tactics class coming up 10 Mar – 11 Mar 2018. We highly recommend the class for civilians, LE, or even military who want to hone their carrying skills. As of now, there is room for a few more in the class.

As for Detective Danny, thanks again for emailing your kind words — our smiths are smiling.


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