At ROBAR we are thrilled each and every time we hear back from satisfied customers!

Bill sent us his 30 year old Hi Power with his wish list.

Jodi, known as the “Hi Power Princess” at ROBAR, got busy and when she was done, Bill had the pistol he’d always wanted.

Bill’s words:

Hi, Jodi.


I took my Hi Power to the range today and put a few hundred rounds thru it. I fired ball and a mix of brands and types of defensive hollow points, including just a few +P rounds. Very few, so don’t spank me too hard. I even mixed types in the magazine. I am very happy to report 100% reliable performance, as expected.


While at the range three different people looked the gun over and liked it. Of course I sang praises of Robar and you.


Here are a few pictures. I think the accuracy speaks for itself in the picture.


You did an awesome job, Jodi!! I am one very happy Robar customer and Hi Power owner!! My Hi Power is now what I have wanted it to be for 30 years.


Thank you for your outstanding work on my firearm.


Check out these pictures:



Thanks so much Bill for taking the time to write about your experience with ROBAR, and for giving Jodi the credit. Our smiths are top-shelf and deserve praise for the superb work they do!

We hope you have many years of range time with your beauty of a Hi Power!


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