At Robar® we set the bar high, our gunsmithing and finishes must be the best of the best. Superlative work is our standard.

So when we hear back from our customers who have trusted us with their prized firearms we know our rigorous and demanding standards have paid off.

Recently Chen posted this picture of his Robar® finished CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow:

A little info on the CZ SP-01 Shadow:

The CZ SP-01 is designed and manufactured to be used by special units of the armed forces. Thanks to its unparalleled accuracy, unfailing reliability and high stability while shooting quick shots this handgun is getting more and more popular even among IPSC sport shooters.

Chen posted these comments:

Robar knocked it put of the park on their superb NP3 finish….this was a pretty worn CZ Shadow, after putting a new Bar-Sto barrel in it and install all new trigger parts, I send it to Robar to get some loving


Thanks Freddie Blish

Of course Freddie is the face people people equate with Robar®, but it’s the gunsmiths and others on the team that do the hands on finishing and gunsmithing.

We’re all smiling with the knowledge that our exacting standards have paid off.

Thanks for the kind words Chen!



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