There are few female shooting instructors better known than Vicki Farnum. Vicki and her husband John are, as written at Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network:

…at the forefront of responsible armed defense instruction, teaching a demanding training regimen, free of meaningless fluff, and based on what they well know will be demanded of an armed citizen using a gun in self defense.

And more about Vicki from her Defense Training International for Women site:

Vicki Farnam has been teaching firearms for over twenty five years with Defense Training International, Inc.


In addition to teaching numerous women’s courses, Vicki specializes in teaching male firearms instructors how to teach women to shoot.


In 2003, she co-authored her first book Women Learning to Shoot and shortly there after co-authored her second book Teaching Women to Shoot.


In addition to teaching with law enforcement, she has also taught for the US Marine Corps at numerous women’s defensive shooting training conferences, and at both the ILEETA and ILEFAI annual conferences.

Vicki Farnam is a renowned and discriminating shooter and hunter. She knows weapons. And she took an interest in ROBAR’s ground-breaking, lightweight carbine, the PolymAR-15.

As written  on the ROBAR PolymAR page:

The PolymAR-15 is a new carbine for a new generation of operators. Featuring nearly weightless components and paired with our legendary NP3 plated BCG, the PolymAR-15L requires virtually no lubrication.


The PolymAR-15L carbines are designed to be lighter, cleaner, and more reliable than their standard AR15 counterparts.


The PolymAR-15L Carbines have been tuned to provide sub-MOA accuracy and perform reliably in even the toughest of conditions. The light weight of the PolymAR-15 carbines, 5.25 lbs, combined with its Sub-MOA accuracy, ease of cleaning, and greater reliability, are just a few of many features that make these carbines the best choice for tactical, hunting, and sporting purposes.

Vicki collaborated with ROBAR to design and create our PolymAR-15VF, specs below:


Lightweight PolymAR-15VF Vicki Farnam Signature model includes:

  • Weight ~5.25lbs
  • Guaranteed Sub-MOA Accuracy With Appropriate Ammo: 77gr Smk FGMM, Black Hills, Asym Precision
  • KSP Polymer Upper and Lower Receiver Set – Grey
  • BCM Gunfighter Stock Mod 0 – Grey
  • BCM Gunfighter Grip Mod 3 – Grey
  • BCM Gunfighter KeyMod Rail Panels – Grey
  • BCM Charging Handle – Mod 5 Small
  • BCM KMR 13 Alpha Forend – Coated Grey
  • BCM KMR QD Forend Sling Mount
  • MagPul MBUS Front and Rear Sight Set – Black
  • Faxon 14.5” or 16”Mid Length Gas 1:8 5.56 NATO Gunner Barrel
  • BCM Low Profile Gas Block
  • Melonited Mid-Length Gas Tube
  • Milspec ROBAR AR15 NP3 Bolt Carrier Group
  • Enhanced Milspec NP3 Trigger Assembly
  • Milspec NP3 Internal & External Small Parts
    • A2 Flash Hider (16” Barrel) or KTC Stealth Brake (14.5” Barrel)
  • Tango Down ARC 30 Rnd Mag X2 – Black
  • Wilderness Tactical Double Point Sling W/ QD Sling Swivels – Black
  • Combat Optic Tool
  • Royal Case 42” Hard Case

Here are a couple pictures of the stunning ROBAR PolymAR-15VF:

As with any semi-auto rifle, the proof is in the results in the field and at the range.

And Vicki most certainly had opportunity this fall to put her new carbine to the test!

Farnam writes:

I spent over three hours this morning hunting in southern Ohio; in temperatures ranging from 27 to 34 degrees; wearing multiple layers of fleece, a down vest and a Goretex parka; in slippery mud and leaves deeper than the thickness of my boot soles; on steep hillsides with loose rocks and broken tree limbs, all the while patiently waiting to find an opportunity for a shot on that ram.


Today, unlike experiences in the past, it never once occurred to me to think of my rifle as a heavy or awkward burden, nor did the thought to take it off ever enter my mind as has happened in the past (never did then either but struggled along!).


When the ram finally came to a stand still, he was about 60 M away and about 4 M higher than me on a rock ledge with a rock outcrop behind him. Now with an opportunity to take the shot, I braced my shoulder against a tree trunk, but the rifle was only supported by my own arms and hands. I didn’t have to brace the rifle for a steady shot because my arms weren’t exhausted or trembling from having carried it around all morning.


I found the spot I wanted to hit, put the red dot on it, and smoothly pressed that great trigger straight, flat back. Then, trigger reset. There is so little effort to hold steady because the weight of the rifle never overwhelms my arms. We found the shot had broken his shoulder and zipped through the lower third of his heart. Corbon DPX, 62 grain.


Thank you, Freddie! I don’t ever have to carry a heavy rifle again if I don’t want to. Why would I want to?

Splendid news, great reporting!

Initial questions abounded concerning the weight of the PolymAR-15…was it too light? Would it be accurate? And would it hold up over thousands of rounds?

Month after month the answers poured in as range time and field time proved what we at ROBAR knew — the PolymAR-15 is a superlative, accurate, and enduring carbine.

Vicki, ROBAR is proud to have collaborated with you and thrilled with your assessment of your namesake rifle! Thanks for taking the time to report back and share your successful hunt.

Once again ROBAR’s rigorous standards and painstaking attention to every detail of our custom firearms pay off and our motto endures!


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