Feedback from our customers like this is priceless: knowing that we met, and surpassed expectations is what motivates us day-in and day-out to pursue nothing less than excellence for you and your firearm.

Greg shipped us his Smith&Wesson 6904 and wrote us after receiving his reworked pistol:

I received the handgun back today that I sent to you for refinishing and other work. I have to say that, quite simply, I was stunned. The pistol, a S&W 6904, is magnificent! It took me quite a while today to get past “wow”.
I bought the pistol, used, over 20 years ago as a backup/off duty weapon in my work as a police officer. Since then, it has become my favorite, the one handgun that will do every job I need a handgun for. I have others that do specific jobs better, but this is the one I own that will do all of them. It was in excellent mechanical shape when I sent it to you, but it was desperately needing refinishing from all the years of ankle, waist, and other means of carry. It’s on my left ankle as I write this at my desk at the PD.
S&W6904 1A
I had long wanted a handgun done by you, since I saw one depicted in a magazine article many years ago. On a small town cop’s pay (even with side security jobs) it took me a long time to save up for it. The 6904 became the obvious choice for it. I’ve been teased about it, even, friends and coworkers saying that I could get a new weapon and accessories for less than I paid you.


Wait till they get a look at it now. It will shut the nay-sayers right up. I am so impressed with my 6904 that I now plan to send my service weapon, a Beretta 96, to you for the same treatment. As before, it’ll take me a good while to save up, but looking at the 6904 will keep me motivated to do it.


In conclusion, I couldn’t be more pleased with how the weapon turned out. It’s worth every penny spent. It will continue to be my daily companion, on and off duty, and I’m sure it will generate a lot of interest in your company’s work whenever I get the chance to show it off.
S&W 6904 2
Additionally, your customer service staff is first rate, and I am a customer for life (especially seeing how long it’ll take me to save up for it).

Greg added when he emailed the photos, “…ROBAR did such a stellar job.”

Thanks Greg, for your kind words. Your excitement over seeing the refinished and customized S&W 6904 will make the skilled ROBAR smiths smile: they work hard and pay attention to the minutest detail.

ROBAR thanks you sincerely for your confidence and your critique!

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