By Joe

It would be safe to say that the Glock as a pistol is almost, or dare I say as big an “icon” as the 1911.

Glocks are being used by law enforcement and military personnel all over the world as well as being one of the best selling pistol manufacturers in the US. A good majority of gun owners, especially those who frequent shooting courses or instruction, all seem to own at least one Glock.

With its popularity comes an exploding aftermarket with an endless list of companies making parts or modifying/machining the guns themselves. Some are worthy of mention and many are hacks with a hot piece of metal deforming the frames almost to the point of failure on unsuspecting owners looking to emulate the professionals for a fraction of the cost.

I personally had a Glock stippled by a friend, and while not a hack job by any means I found the texture too aggressive and didn’t quite know how remedy it without just buying another frame. This is the point where Robar comes in.

Robar Guns is not a newcomer to the custom pistol game, having already established their grip work as professional and well done. Their method of spraying epoxy onto the frame creates a very identifiable grip texture and look.

They not only work on Glocks, but also work on HK, S&W, Kahr, 1911’s, revolvers as well. Knowing they add material I contacted Freddie Blish of Robar…

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