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Ever ask yourself what the perfect firearm is?

It probably depends on who you are and what you are in the habit of shooting. I would say, go with what works for you.

For me, since I’ve been shooting Glocks for 20+ years, I wouldn’t want to change to another firearm. Just like there is no justification for my father to change from his 1911 after almost fifty years of dedication to that platform.

So, when I thought about the ultimate Glock, my thoughts went to the G34 that a friend loaned me at a shooting competition – best handgun I ever shot.

Given that my eyes are getting a little older, I wanted to go with a Trijicon RMR mounted on the pistol, and didn’t want to machine on a stock slide since they are nearly irreplaceable.

The solution ended up being a Lone Wolf slide assembly – especially since the barrel was free at the time. The extra bonus factors were I could have a closed top slide, front serrations were already present, and I wouldn’t have to worry about machining an irreplaceable slide.

The only issue would be the galling wear issue of the stainless barrel and slide running on each other.

Solution: ROBAR.

So at ROBAR, I went with the Norton Special – Poly-T2 slide with NP3 Plus internals, except frame and magazine.

I went with the Poly-T2 because I have a tan G17 frame, and chose the Tan for a two tone tan firearm; plus it’s a tough, and slick wear resistant coating. The NP3 Plus offers great sliding properties and corrosion resistance also…

Read full review at Texas Gun Fun

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